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Author : Malobika Chatterjee (Chaudhuri)

We at Mono Translation Bureau take up contractual assignments , which have anything to do with languages, writing and the like. It could be editing, proof reading, dubbing, transcriptions, sub titling, language classes, translations, interpretations or research work, writing of minutes, technical writing etc.


MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU was born out of an acute ennui with a routine desk bound job and the desire to break free of the mould, with something creative and innovative. It was started on the 3rd of June 1989 in memory of LT. COL. MONORANJAN SENGUPTA.

The name also signifies the sole trailblazers in the profession. There are many who have entered the profession since then, however we set and maintain our own standards. After due verification a lot of the top media have been stalwartly by us and have kindly highlighted our attempts in this sphere.

Areas of Activity

We do not remain focussed only on translations, though that does remain our prime focus -- but anything to do with words is what we specialise in -- interpretations, proof reading, editing, dubbing, transcriptions, voice overs.

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Attended an all found B.B.C World Service Production Workshop (Feb'93) at the Ashoka Hotel New Delhi. On successful completion was given equipment and authorised to freelance. Programmes have been broadcast and paid for.

Worked for Radio Netherlands & the CNBC

Was involved with ZANA BRISKI and ROSS KAUFFMANN of New York on an assignment of transcribing video tapes, to their complete satisfaction. Their documentary has been awarded the Oscar early 2005

Translation of Bengali novel Parineeta under the Penguin banner widely acclaimed, with the first edition sold out in 5 days, second print selling very well. Many more novels in the pipeline.

An independent preparatory documentary produced for Yipp Films U.K