These days rape seems be the ‘in’ crime. Reasons and facts about this spiralling crime

She was 17 years old and her wounded body was found among the bushes in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. The doctors believe that the corpse bore nearly75 injury marks that were caused in a period that ranged from 10 days till the body was recovered.  The police reports that she was badly tortured, mutilated and cannot be identified: they have checked the list of the missing girls in that area and they are absolutely clueless.

Girls are so vulnerable and struggling becomes pointless when rape is progressively being used as an instrument to affirm control and threaten the helpless and feeble in India. Rape or sexual assault that involves sexual penetration without the consent of women is being carried out increasingly all over the country.

Reasons and facts about this spiralling crime

Rape is a most dreadful crime committed against women and it tears down the victim both physically and psychologically. Some of the facts and reasons of this spiralling crime are-

The facts about Rape

  • The facts reveal that every year more than 25000 cases are reported in India and the unreported assault cases may be much higher
  • Age group 10-36 are at a greater risk of rape
  • More than 1 in 10 women have experienced physical contact during some point of their lives
  • Women are more likely to suffer from depressive or suicidal thoughts after the sexual assault
  • Rape victims who are imprisoned are more liable to be assaulted by the staff in the prison

Reasons of Rape crime increasing each day-

  • Sexual insult of women
  • Strong desire of men to create superiority over women
  • Petty domestic issues
  • Gender disparity that prevails in the society owing to which they subjugate women
  • Women do not report rape cases because of humiliation
  • Status of women is very low in India
  • Pornography in India is also one the reasons of rape
  • Lack of sex education for women in India
  • Provocative dressing up of women is an invitation
  • Less of public safety for women as some of the places are poorly lit
  • Women attending late night parties or visiting pubs are considered loose character and are more prone to rapes
  • Rape victims are often forced by the elders in the family to surrender to the powerful for the honour of their families
  • Justice is denied to so many rape victims, owing to the dearth of fast track courts


To wrap up we can say that lack of proper sex edification, gender sensitization and lack of legal alertness are necessary to check rapes. We require better policing and induction of female police in desolate areas is a must. We should be strict with the accused and be soft and considerate towards the victim.  Society should be harsh towards the perpetrator and stringent laws should be implemented to deal with the people committing this heinous crime against womanhood.

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