SEO stands for search Engine optimization. Informative content is one of the best organic tools for boosting your website’s ranking. But all informative content cannot be SEO content unless some parameters are maintained. Although there is no fixed formula of writing SEO content, according to SEO masters, by incorporating these 7 points in your content you can expect better result in boosting your website’s visibility and ranking.

Write a catchy title

The title is the prologue of the article, and your sole objective is to grab readers’ attention. Adding an attractive title is the simple way to pull your readers’ mind. Before you create a title, plan how you can use the main topic in the title and how that will help readers.

Introduce a hook

You need to introduce a hook in your writing and that should be done according to your target audience.  This hook is the x-factor that will entice your reader to read the whole content and to stay in your page for long. In order to get it done, you may

  • Conduct hi-end research from reliable resources
  • Use keywords in a natural way: do not overuse
  • Write for audience not for promoting SEO
  • Keep it brief but peppy and informative

Maintain a readable format

You have to boost the readability of your write up by incoporating a user friendly format. This is best done by introducing

  • Small paragraphs
  • Sub headings
  • Bullet points
  • Maintaining focus on your main idea
  • A clear to action call at the end.

Read your text again

You need to read your text again and again from the readers’ perspective. Unless you find it interesting enough to read from start to end, your readers may not get enough impetus to read it because they have multiple reason to get distracted.

Try to make your writing interesting and consistent.  It should be readers’ friendly as well.  Place yourself in the reader’s shoe and assess the quality. If necessary take a second opinion.


Edit the write up

Now it’s time to brush up your content. Please read it critically and eliminate syntax errors if any, redundancy, hyperbole, repetition in content so that it reads smart and motivating with some positive thoughts.

Trim the extra

This is perhaps the hardest part for the writer because you need to trim the extra information you may have included.  Check 3-4 similar articles and compare yours to understand the requisite flow of content. Google honors quality content only. Check the originality parameter using a plagiarisms checker to be on the safer side of copyright infringement risk.

Keep it simple

Maintain a simple approach throughout. More traffic will like to read it your content will enjoy better visibility. Ask your readers to add a comment to increase their involvement with you.

These are 7 golden tips to make your informative content SEO friendly. Let us know if we have missed something to mention.

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