Comparison of strength and power is one of the best shows Man can put up. Power is what is needed to achieve improvement on the whole. What then is this power? Is it some kind of energy? How does it work? How does it flow?

For some it is social acceptance of a person, while for others it is the command exerted.  Nature has bestowed on almost all, strength of mind and beauty in various facets. Mental strength allows for the creation of much that is uncountable. Some segments are small objects like the pen, which are symbolic items reflecting the skill of writing; this is alongside sharp edged swords and sophisticated guns. Undoubtedly the latter are deadly inventions, whereas the former fall into a different genre altogether.

Though we can say that Man learnt the art of war far before he started to write, yet as the time has passed man observed that a sword was only meant to kill. Whatever the cause, a sword or a gun has one primary purpose –  that is destruction. But the pen on the other hand can be the spring well of creation. Using a pen one can write about the past, muse about the future, compose original creations and also glance into literature. A man can reach out to as many people as possible through his writing. A certain volatile course of action might also take a different turn altogether.

History of mankind has always provided evidence that the Pen has exerted an undeniable influence over Man during the course of life; even a deadly sword has surrendered its might.  If the French Revolution is taken as an example, Rousseau was responsible to a large extent for the havoc and chaos and turbulence. Undoubtedly it is the pen that is more deadly in the long run. It reminds one of David and Goliath.  A man who has skilled his hold on the pen can be a man who’s truly powerful enough in exerting an overall influence. This fact is observed not only by the author of the famous phrase. Chanakya, the famous royal adviser said one must always remember that a king (can be depicted as a man with sword) is honoured only within his boundary whereas a scholar (can be depicted as one who has mastered the skill of writing) is worshiped everywhere.

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