Is it the correct and done thing to flow with the tide and send greetings all around and make a big noise about Women’s Day. Instead as a dear friend happened to remark – celebrate Women’s Day every day. It upset me when I picked a fight with my husband and he responded with – Why should I celebrate you just one day, but not every single day. Ever so true.
My late grand-mother is no more, let me dedicate this to one of the most valiant ladies and yet the picture of feminine beauty and strength. DHIRA SENGUPTA was born in a rustic ambience and married off at an early age to Monoranjan Sengupta. A perfect foil – her husband, an orphan himself and brought up by his aunt rose to the highest of ranks, with an appointment letter from King George V. That lady, born in the village learnt how to socialize with impeccable taste and on equal terms with all the white top brass of the time. Her cooking was to kill for and as a seamstress I was difficult to meet her match.
No, this is not adulation, it is whole-hearted admiration of the qualities is woman power coming to the fore. The Goddess Durga rose in arms when the need rose to battle against evil. YOU, I, ALL OF US WOMEN need to take our future into our own hands. Our fathers, husbands and brothers are of course there – but the power is in you – call on it and shine. There is no need to cower and grovel – you have the core of strength to shine with what you have.
Didu, especially for you – always a source of inspiration.

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