It is quite some time back that a driving passion drove me to modestly start earning as a translator – getting a major lucky break from Penguin. This was followed by a couple of years gathering experience by working very very hard. There were friends and acquaintances who asked — what is the magic trick that will allow me to start earning big? HARD WORK is the only answer – there is no trick to it, no magic wand to wave around. A combination of anything and everything helps in reaching that pot of gold.

If one is absolutely honest – earning big bucks is not really possible through. But your positive qualities are – that will help the others to earn. yes, gathering experience and earning a little cash on the side is a very good possibility. Don’t should your prospects from the roof tops, but make it abundantly clear what. Les compare it to freelancing – that can actually be far more lucrative.

Here might be a lot of drivel that you put up, but here is nothing that will actually compel the reader at large to rush out and get a copy of your book to treasure!

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