Web Copy writing

At Mono Translation Bureau, we always try to ensure that our content seems to be created specifically for the client who is in search of such services. What could appeal or retard is kept in mind. It is definitely not just the income, age, gender, education and family circumstances that are kept in mind. Our web content writing constantly instigates what is in the mind of the potential client and what it is that keeps him awake, dreaming of success. Clientele flock to us because the writing we present is interesting and persuasive.

The web content writing we offer is kept in mind alongside the why, who what and where – this makes our copy trustworthy, real and concrete propositions. The important details are constantly kept in mind. Powerful headlines are another facet of this genre of services that we offer. Visitors are enticed to click through and read through the entire article. It is magnetic headlines that work with a powerful impetus.

A very important factor that Mono Translation Bureau perpetually keeps in mind is that it is certainly not our services that are highlighted or written about. What we remember at all times is that people are only interested in themselves and the services that they offer. If the example is taken of a renowned copywriter like Eugene Schwarz – the fact is driven home that what is of benefit to the reader is of prime importance. A few pointers that our organization keeps in mind:

  • Avoidable problems are considered.
  • Each factor is converted into what will be of benefit to the reader.
  • A list is presented which details all features and specifications.
  • In order to avoid the pitfalls of negatives, the demurrals of using our services are noted and dealt with as swiftly as possible. A lot of planning and research f=goes into the web copy, so that something magnetically appealing is created.

Being busy professionals, very few readers have the time to go through entire articles at length. So, a very good idea that we follow is writing in such a manner that it is possible to quickly skim through. This not helps them to find what they are looking for faster, but also waste less time doing so.

If different kind of formatting techniques are used that breaks up the text, we ensure that it is much easier to quickly flick through.

  • Single-lined paragraphs are penned.
  • Numbers and bulleted lists are developed.
  • Captions, images, videos and various other media are used.
  • Quite a few headings and sub-headings are used.
  • The sentences vary along with the length of the paragraphs.
  • The text is formatted using colour, italic, bold and underlining as well.

A practice Mono Translation Bureau follows in web content writing is preparing a first draft. It is assumed that when a new visitor drops by, it is our bullet points and headlines that incite her/him to carry on with reading. We try and ensure that the interest is sustained enough to actually follow through with an order. Initially the visitor might just be interested in a free consultation or even sign up for our e-news-letter. Since we make it a point to comprehensively list all out features, benefits, and objections, any decision about what to use as regards content becomes easy to decide. In the list that Mono Translation Bureau provides, benefits, features and objections are all highlighted. The advantage is that the visitors see all the benefits that can be availed of and also the glitches that we are re-addressing. Through our web copy we persuade the reader to go ahead and actually finalize the deal and not just think about it.

Bombastic language is avoided and short words that communicate better are used. A simple example – we try and use get instead of obtain. Then there is ‘help’ instead of facilitate or assist. Short words are what we focus on using. Search Engine Optimization and key words aren’t our worry. We pen SEO copy mainly for our clients – and that helps us both to reach our goals.

Mono Translation Bureau has a secret that is used to successfully reach out to new customers, while retaining our old ones. Alluring web copy is not merely about writing.  It is choosing a reader with whom you really gel well. Then, we get a clear understanding of the way he works, answer imaginary questions that he might ask and reflect that sense of enjoyment in the writing. When that passion for business is reflected in our writing, the customer naturally wants to be part of that passion.

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