Travel Writing


At MONOTRANSLATION BUREAU we consider a compelling introduction a very important part of travel writing. It forges a bridge to the place which is being focussed on. That is the most important moment to grip the reader’s attention, so that he is provoked into getting on with the article that he is browsing through. We try and ensure that no reader leaves an article without going through each and every single word. The best possible introduction ensures that he will want to know every bit of information that has been laid out before him.

The reader is dropped right in the midst of the fray – possibly focussing on some incident that is exhilarating or frightening and definitely not run of the mill. Once you have managed to grip the reader’s attention, there is no turning back and he goes on regardless of the introduction, which can come in at any point.

Some directives that we have made and follow:

The story or narration moves along a certain path – and there are no diversions that serve to distract. Boring sentences or top-heavy words are avoided and the language is kept crisp and juicy.

  • A specific agenda is focussed on – some observation, detail or meeting. This our team uses to say something more about the location at large. The structure is usually narrative, so that an element of entertainment always remains. There is absolutely no hard and fast rule about being chronological. There is plenty of details, but it is kept as varied as possible. Attention is also paid to the landscape around and the language used is always simple and terse.
  • The travel writing team at Mono Translation Bureau ensures that the article is not just a personal account of a holiday to any particular destination. There is a different that we portray – perhaps something that has changed or a new mode of travel that has previously not been heard about. Irrelevant and boring details are avoided and we try and put in a fair number of anecdotes that are not run of the mill and makes the reader look forward to taking that trip.
  • A certain point of view is focussed on – about the manner of travelling and the extent to which it will be incorporated in the article.
  • There are notes about factors that might be of interest -sound, shapes, colours and tastes. However, the usual mundane terms like ‘gorgeous’ or ‘tasty’ are avoided. The location and place is described at length, which serves in adding to the depth of the article. Examples are edited and a couple of hard-hitting examples are used to illustrate the point we are making. Clichés are avoided at all cost.

It is no longer an uncertain experience to recce a prospective holiday. Thanks to the blogs we put or articles – there is no longer in need to worry about the possible vested interests on travel agents. Guide-books too can be out of date. The chances of getting balanced information had not been very good, even in the recent past. In our articles we include travel reviews and candid experiences of travellers – which makes our writing all that more realistic.

Then, there is the genre of armchair travellers – who have the entire world as a choice before them. It could be a tour of the entire globe or a small little expedition. Then, we sometimes include the anonymously filmed holiday clippings by amateurs, which can make for very interesting reading.

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