Why is MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU regarded as offering the best transcription services of all? Five very simple factors, explained pictorially:
Affordab High quality Fast Secure Volume

Speech Transcription, Meeting Transcription, Business Transcription, Movie Transcription, MP3 Transcription, Conference Transcription , Research Transcription, Education and Focus Group Transcription, General Transcription, Google Transcription, Insurance Transcription, Legal Transcription, Interview Transcription, Market Research Transcription, Podcast Transcription, Verbatim Transcription, Video Transcription, Voice Transcription

These are just some of the varieties of transcription that Mono Translation Bureau has handled over the past 30 years.

We offer video and audio services that offer very good value of work that is the best comparable to anywhere in the globe. Any assignment taken on is handled speedily, but accurately. Proof reading is done if the client so wants. Or else, if it is verbatim translation – no changes are made and whether there are grammatical mistakes or not, the work is handed over exactly as it is heard. It must be kept in mind though, that audio quality also has an important part to play in the accuracy of the written text. If there is a recurring necessity, tailor-made arrangements can be made.

So far as educational institutes are concerned – lectures at organized seminars or in class-rooms can be transcribed and are indeed assets, particularly for distant learning.

The lecture sessions of professors can be transcribed and then be used for the purpose of making an e-book or even making blogs. Downloadable PDFs can also be made. These days when business makes leaps forward in the blinking of an eye, it is of the utmost importance to refer to what has been discussed about future plans. This is quite naturally discussed orally – and whether middle or top level management – having the transcribed notes at hand can make all the difference in the world. Quality need not be sacrificed and full concentration can be directed towards core business activities. Simultaneously time and money can also be saved.

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU always aims at client satisfaction through accurate and speedy work. A life time professional relationship is a feature that gives us immense pleasure

Trust becomes of core importance especially when legal voice files are involved. Confidentiality and security are taken care of by the most stringent measures. In order to ensure that clients can avail of this service select individuals who specialize in domain specific arenas are kept ready at hand. The transcribed records are verified so that the legal texts retain an exceptional accuracy. There are editors, proof readers and legal experts who ensure the highest of standards are maintained. In order to ensure the best of standards and consistency – one project is handled only one transcriber. That way an uniformity is maintained. Rigorous quality checks are of the essence at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU.

The transcription services MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU offers is also inclusive of reports, statements, claims and accidents. When audio or voice files of radio lectures, news stories, press conferences and meetings are transcribed, we at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU label them under the category of Media Transcription.

All documents, whether the client mentions it or not are taken to be highly confidential and personal. Therefore the very best of precautions are taken. Never is any kind of information shared – even at the risk of losing a potential client. Maintaining ethics and standards are values that are taken for granted. We work on a strictly need to know basis. The trust that the client retains in us is held in high esteem.

Whether audio or video we are as speedy as possible – but not at the cost of accuracy. The turnaround time depends on size of the files – that must also be kept in mind. For a slightly higher percentage, files can be returned a little more swiftly. Once the files are sent to us an estimate can be given of the finances involved and time frame as well. Medical Transcription is yet another specialized arena -which has a different segment of panel members.

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU is the best and we take pride in the long term clients and every single assignment that has allowed us to carve our own niche in the world of words.

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