Technical Writing

Allow us to begin by telling you what exactly Technical Writing is all about and how this is handled at Mono Translation Bureau. We present in the written script or as a draft, technical communication. This could involve consumer electronics, computer hardware or software, aeronautics, chemistry, robotics, biotechnology or even finances.

A specific technical writer, whose skills are in the field required by the client, is in charge of any said assignment. This of course is done on an absolutely professional level. Any technical writer in our panel ensures that all information conveyed to the client is clear and effective even though the matter itself might be somewhat complex and abstruse. They begin by analysing the information and re-presenting it in a format that is comprehensible and smooth flowing. Each and every single technical writer in our team sharply honed communication and writing acumen. While an in-depth knowledge of computers in not necessary, their skills in this genre must be above average. Some of the programmes that a technical writer with Mono Translation Bureau uses are Microsoft Visio, Adobe Photoshop and Madcap Flare – the latter helping greatly in processing documents.

Since we warrant the highest standards of technical writing, certain factors are always kept in mind. Our writers concentrate on clarity in the documents; words that merely sound technical and do not explain what the matter is all about are avoided as far as possible. Since technical documents in crucial installations or situations where the slightest error can cause a great deal of damage, a technical writer with Mono Translation Bureau make the subject matter explicitly clear in the final presentation. Take for example – how to use a high-powered x-ray machine. It would spell nothing short of medical disaster and cause untold harm to all concerned if the explanations were not crystal clear.

Our technical writing team has extensive knowledge of the clientele they are writing for the simple reason that there has to be a good degree of know-how about the material under discussion. After all, that is what will determine the focus and contents of the document. A technical document intended for the general public will be absolutely different content-wise and in form than a specialised treatise for a group of scientists dealing in nuclear technology or molecular science.Our technical writersare not necessarily subject matter experts. They generally collaborate with this genre of people so that they are able to gain the requisite knowledge.

Strict accuracy is one criterion that the Technical Writing Team at Mono Translation Bureau always keeps in mind. After an analysis of the client in question, the technical writer is fully aware of what the desired communication target is. The end result must be both ethical as well as accurate. There are bound to be environmental, financial or even physical repercussions if inaccuracies creep into the report. That is not a chance we take under any circumstance. The accuracy depends to a certain measure on how the language is personalized. Suppose the article is about how to set up a cupboard where glass bottles can be stored. The instructions have to simple, easy to follow and at the same time accurate. Otherwise the inevitable result will be collapse of the cupboard and unnecessary damage caused.

What are also vital components of a technical document is the general layout and document design. Our technical writers take a lot of time to make sure that the documents for the client are presented in such a manner that readability is very easy; this makes it easy for a client to understand. We at Mono Translation Bureau take pride in making our clients want to repeatedly return to us for the lucidity and knowledge in all the technical documents we prepare. Where technical documents are concerned, design choices are also important e.g bold text, bullet points or even font size. The technical writing team at Mono Translation Bureau also put to use diagrams, videos and images because complex information such as a company’s annual turnover or design features of a product are easier explained in this manner.

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