Story Writing

One of the strengths of MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU is story telling. Depending on the client and the nature of his requirement, there are various modalities that we take recourse to. The main idea is to grasp the attention of the potential reader. Sometimes we use what we call “shock tactics” i.e the judicious use of false appearances. The story is peppered with certain bits of sentences like ………….. was not what it seemed. That introduces an element of surprises and one is not quite sure of what to expect. There is hardly any reader who does not like intrigues or mysteries. When we at Mono Translation Bureau give the impression that things are possibly not what they seem, all three elements are immediately brought together.

Yet another modus operandi is to make a list of ……. say 7 things which could happen to anyone or some of the characters in the story which is being written. Then, someone close to us or someone who has perhaps been suggested by the client is made a character. That lends a personal touch – familiar and yet so very different. You perhaps guess who the character is and yet remain intrigued by all the novelty and what could perhaps develop. One more element we use is putting down some major hurdle that has been faced by someone known – then the story is set to revolve around that and the ultimate outcome.

A tone of regret is also used by Mono Translation Bureau. “If only…………” There is an implication that something has gone somewhere, but at the same time nothing is overtly stated. This trouble or glitch makes of the element of suspense in the story. We write the story in such a style that the readers are kept rooted to the spot wanting to know just what happened next or in what manner the problem was resolved.

Another focal point that we use to create a story is —- just suppose there is a serious character flaw in some person. There could be a lot of flaws, some imperfections and just how there defects are ultimately responsible for getting the character into a lot of trouble.

There have been instances when the client comes to us, with basically nothing more definite than – I want a romance…… a thriller …….a psychological type of story; that’s all the guideline that we are given. Then, how do we set about building something from nothing?

We are always collecting ideas for our stories – it could be from any genre. The short story writing team of Mono Translation Bureau always carry a notebook around them to ensure that ideas can immediately be jotted. They could be small anecdotes or something major of which they happen to be an eye witness. If there is a mad rush or if the client has a major dead line, then we opt for a brain storming session. That provides a whole store-house of content i.e matter which we then proceed to flesh out into a concrete story. Experience is also a big help in writing a story.

Once we have the idea we start the process of introducing the characters and setting a time frame and perhaps mentioning the weather too in order to make it more realistic. The action is also initiated soon after. This is followed by a series of events – all of which culminate in the climax, which is the peak of the story. It is at this juncture that the story gradually begins winding up in the direction of concluding the story.

Generally, there is no particular order in which we write a story. When there idea for a fantastic conclusion suddenly crops up, it is immediately jotted down, even if the team is about halfway through the story then. From the starting idea we can always move forward or backward. A small trick we use is to ask ourselves “What led to all this?” “What could be the follow-up or consequence?”

Before the story is quite ready to hand over, it is once again given a thorough look through and the opinion sought of a wide range of people. If any editing is required, it is done at this stage. La voilà the short story is ready.

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