Language Translation

MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU began its journey with translations and then gradually picked up additional skills that have made the services offered the very best and at competitive rates.

When Mono Translation Bureau takes up any assignment our translators take care to ensure that not only is strict accuracy maintained – whether for business or individual/personal translations. Once an assignment is finalized, it is handled speedily and competently. Any quotation that is wanted for any language translation is sent at the earliest.

The unique feature about Mono Translation Bureau is concentration on multi-lingual translation projects. Of the entire wide range of translation services provided are document translation, software localization, technical translation, legal translation and of course cultural consultation too. Among the industries in which Mono Translation Bureau operates is also medical and patent. Despite having been in this genre of services, we are still growing and take pride in affirming that we are always eager to learn something new. The one constant factor is offering our clients complete satisfaction whenever we are approached for any translation.

For whatever translation work handled – translators are native speakers of the target language required. We make a concerted effort that whether cultural or technical translations – there is equal competency in both. There is a multi-level quality assurance. Depending on the volume of work generated, translations are completed within the shortest time permissible, while maintaining the standards of accuracy. Mono Translation Bureau does not sacrifice quality for speedy work. Our quality of work remains easy flowing, with a native ambience.

At Mono Translation Bureau, we offer you the very best of and wide range of translation options. At a glance there is website translation, document translations, certified translations (this involves a small additional fee), Our translators live and work around the globe. We offer the highest standards and our translation services offer very good value for money.

To make certain that all translations retain their standards our language panel members are not only formally and highly educated, but are continually assessed for upgradation of their skills. This is to also to guarantee at all times ethics, proficiency and professionalism.

At Mono Translation Bureau, we are not particularly in favour of machine translations. The finesse and subtlety that can be expected from a human cannot be derived from a machine. We prefer to use specialized software only for the purpose of formatting or conversion.

It does not really matter what type of translation service is required, Mono Translation Bureau offers a truly dependable and quality standard. Our range of services covers a very wide spectrum – like multi-media and web content. Just an example – our translators who handle legal documents are quasi-legal themselves, besides being adept translators.

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