Ghost Writing

No, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about ‘Ghost Writing’! No beings from the outer world come down to get a screenplay, book, brochure or any kind of document all ready –made for you. Then, what does the term actually mean? Basically it is giving a concrete shape and form to your incipient desire to reach somewhere with the help of the written word. There could be any number of reasons behind this – the work schedule you follow is extremely hectic and does not allow you any time in which you can formulate your thoughts and put it down. The cause could also be having the desire but lacking the ability – simply because your skills have been honed in another direction. Perhaps there are revelations that you want made under a pseudo name, but need a ghost writer to give your thoughts a focus. This is where the ghost writing team at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU steps into the picture and work with you in getting your book right to the top. So you have the baby without any labour pain! Sounds a very good idea – right?

Mono Translation Bureau has been functioning for over 3 decades and its language panel caters to anything and everything about languages – with authenticity. GHOST WRITING – our language panel has a team of writers who handles each and every aspect of this genre. If you want to look at the business angle of matters, there is a wide array of affordable surfaces. The standards remain the same no matter what choice you make – the only difference between the slightly less expensive and the other end of the stick is amount of content and the length of the proposed length of the matter. As a vernacular saying goes – the more sugar (or perhaps sugar-free?!) you put into the making of a dessert, the more sweet it is …..

If you want to know what kind of writing this Ghost Writing segment of Mono Translation Bureau handles, it could be helping budding authors build a platform for themselves, it could be book proposals; screen plays are also a possibility. If you are looking for other classifications for your requirement of a ghost writer – try getting in touch with MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU for marketing services of published books and their promotion too. What is promotion? It is essentially developing a central or fundamental group of loyal readers.

The GHOST WRITING services that MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU offers gets the job done with the least possible fuss and as professionally and effectively as possible. We even handle assignments for award winning screenplay writers and renowned authors who are already well established.

A question that is often asked so far as Ghost Writing Services are concerned is the question of anonymity. Who gets the credit and who remains anonymous? There are a couple of points that need to be made here. The norm is that we are GHOST WRITERS – and hence in concrete terms do not exist. Since the work has been commissioned – the person doing so is taken to be creator. It is his style that is kept in mind when writing the book and it is what he wants that is taken to be our goal. Then there is the NDA or the NONO DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. Here is a clear and unambiguous agreement that no detail will be revealed in any way and once the assignment has been handed over, the GHOST WRITER forgets that he has ever written it at all. It becomes the “author’s” property in every sense of the word. Of course, it would be appreciated if the author just mentions our name as having assisted sometimes. However, this is not mandatory in any way – just a good will gesture. Some of the other ghost writing services we have worked on are giving form to true stories, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and requirements of the film industry.

What source do you use if you want an attention grabbing website copy? Usually a skilled ghost writer is engaged – usually a freelancer working with some organization – like Mono Translation Bureau and, paid for that specific job. When you engage us for Ghost Writing, you can acknowledge as the co-writer, the editor – or sometimes even say “…………… as told to”.

There is yet another angle to this scenario. One more question that is asked only too often is – Why are you so expensive. I am giving you the idea and you are just writing it, why are you taking so much money? The reason is very simple. The norm is that the person who does the actual grunt work has by agreement to disappear after the job is done. It is impossible for him to say – But that is my creation! There is no acknowledgement, no royalty payment coming in – as a matter of fact nothing at all to show the long hours he has spent in perfecting and giving shape to what the author wants. It is a one-time payment and logically has to be substantial.

Where the question of payment comes in – 70% is taken as advance; when 50% of the book is done and sent – another 10%; When 75% of the book is done and sent – another 10%. When the final date of completion is intimated – the remaining amount will have to be sent and then the remaining chapters are sent. The author will have to be in touch so that any queries can be sorted out there and then. A clear-cut agreement specifies all the modalities.

Ghost writing is not all that easy a proposition. We, at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU have 30 years of experience under our belt and have over 20 and more books published under Penguin, Rupa and Front page Publications. Our writers – including the founder proprietor MALOBIKA CHATTERJEE has years of experience as a freelance writer for a variety of businesses. We have learnt the ins and outs of the business and any client wanting some ghost writing done can be sure of getting only the best. Outstanding and remarkable standards in ghost writing have been set by MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU. It is mentioned at length in the contract – whether a percentage of the profit will be shared, a one-time payment be made or a slightly lower remuneration if the name of the ghost writer is mentioned as being a co-author.

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