Document Rewriting

Let our team at MONO TRANSLATION BUREAU tell you which genre of clients usually approaches us for document re-writing services. There are a category of people who have in their possession a book or document. That’s all very good, but for the fact that they do not own the rights to publish it. Then, there are also certain other individuals who are very keen on developing a web site that is absolutely different from the rest and unique and hard hitting. They are the ones who need content which are not duplicated or a copy and paste job from the net. Besides these two, there are business houses or even businesses who want their products to be highlighted in English (or any other language) that are one of its kind and of course are not riddled with grammatical or spelling mistakes.

When a sufficient amount of matter has been put down, then the rewrite team at Mono Translation Bureau actually starts on the process of re-writing. Along the course of this process, spellcheckers automatically correct the spelling in accordance with the client wants UK or US English. Right at the outstart that is one of the points we clarify. Even the duplicates are pointed demarcated. Of course we also sometimes just run through the style and complete the writing (rather, re-writing part) and then correct all the spellings, typos and grammatical mistakes if any. What we are extra vigilant about is clumsy formation of sentences. Our wok is always sharp and attractive.

Here are some more guidelines that Mono Translation Bureau follows. The content that is finally delivered to you is without complications and unique in the style it offers. You, the client get a document that is not only exclusive, but over which only you have the sole rights. There need be no concern as the documents will be free from all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. Satisfaction is guaranteed and it is very cost effective as compared to what the charges would have been for an absolutely new article.

We, at Mono Translation Bureau generally try and avoid passive verb constructions. A sentence is very often tweaked so that the meaning has far more clarity and has greater vim and vigour. Computers are not allowed to dictate! If the verb construction has been used in a suitable manner, we let it is, no matter what the computer feels compelled to keep correcting. The grammar is thoroughly gone through – especially the comma, which can be a little tricky. Of course, this to a large extent is a subjective and we rely on what our client would prefer.

The Rewriting Services that Mono Translation Bureau has to offer makes what is great – the absolute best. What this service consists of is: any document is completely re-written so that the very same meaning is conveyed – and it is only the words used that are different. We follow a very strict regime where grammatical mistakes and errors are concerned. Longwinded sentences are shortened into crisp and pithy sentence that are fun to read and convey the exact meaning without boring the people to tears. At the end of it all, there is a revision yet again to finally proof check for mistakes.

When the computer screens at Mono Translation Bureau seem to be more or less what we wanted it to shape out to be, a print out or hard copy is taken. At this juncture, double or even triple space is left between the lines so that any mistake is apparent without too much stress and train involved. Yes, admittedly, we try and find all the faults possible and have even been called nit picking by some! We use the space to jot down any notes or reminders. This is re-examined yet again and then the final corrections incorporated. It is only then that the final hardcopy is taken and the client also emailed a soft copy of the document.

We then use the services of highly neutral editors to read and offer suggestions. If the documents/s are viable and keep to the guidelines that our client has laid down, they are also put in at the appropriate points. The arguments that our team have put forth are analysed to see if they pass muster.

There is a lot of re-writing that is possible. Among the genres that we have handles and continue to do so are research documentation, online articles, sales brochures, and website content. EBooks are yet another very genres where are services are sought. We save the “author” wear and tear of his nerves. Then there is marketing material, product descriptions and of course sales letters too.

What then is the bottom line? It’s simply this – you need some re-writing done? Just come to Mono Translation Bureau and be assured of total satisfaction.

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