Book Writing

Books and the written word are one of the primary elements that we focus on at Mono Translation Bureau. The understated transformation in writing emotion and putting down feelings makes what we write powerful and hard-hitting. The elements of the proposed book or novel can be turned into a masterpiece, but we are careful to not remain too focussed on any one instrument. That is quite likely to destroy the harmony. Our book writers delve into characterizations in such a manner that one scene is defined at a time.

Mono Translation Bureau ensures that entire sessions are not wasted on some excerpt that just is not working and is not getting anywhere close to a focussed ending. What we do is cry a temporary halt and then revert another day. Then, somehow it is a lot easier to write – which admittedly can be pretty frustrating. In order to maintain continuity with the writing voice, our book writers ensure going back to read what has been written before.

While multi-tasking is very good in itself, it is practically impossible to do so and ensuring that the writing output remains good. So, the book writers at Mono Translation Bureau do not waste time writing emails and writing part of a book at the same time. We aim at always maintaining our standards. So, when our writers write, they write and do nothing else.

A person who can be regarded as an ideal niche is always kept in mind whenever there is an assignment of writing a book.  Suppose there is a book that has been commissioned for a large company – a brief profile of that company is put up and our writers take good care to ensure that the book is directly meant and addresses only them. Stories and anecdotes are a very important factor, but remembering them all could prove a problem. So, what our writers do is maintain a list and keep adding to them. So, when the actual need to write takes place, there is a bunch ready at hand.

Character that constitute the story are another extremely important ingredient. WE take great care so that they can go a long long way into appearing credible and lively. There is always a time zone in the day when the writers at Mono Translation Bureau are the most productive, with ideas flowing freely. We try to organize matters in such a way that most of the writing is done during that time. Another point that our writers make it a point to follow is read material others have written. You are shocked? No, it is not to plagiarize, but to garner an idea of the varied kinds of styles. Their closing, opening, manner of telling the story provide invaluable suggestions. Blogs, newspapers and magazines – they are all a storehouse of materials that our writers use. There are always authors whose style and no matter can be emulated.

Another factor Mono Translation Bureau makes sure about is that a lot of time, sometimes extra time is devoted to the genre of book writing. Another important factor is the ending. There is practically no author who does not ponder and reflect on the right juncture to satisfactorily bring an end to a book. When a kind of emotional frustration is created in the characters, the book writing that we engage in flows a lot easier and it also becomes that much easier to draw the finishing line.

One point we have learnt that works very effectively is writing dialogue that is gender specific. This assumes even greater importance when the writing is romantically typecast. In the books of romance that we are asked to write, opposite sex protagonists are either rivals and joined in some kind of a romance. The degrees of complication are of course of different levels. Our writers aim at putting down marked distinctions in characters of the different sex.

It is always kept in mind when our story writers are doing some book writing assignment, there is a continual process of revision. Though some are admittedly not particularly enthusiastic about this process, it most definitely a step that has to be taken into count when the book is in the process of being created. It polishes and strengthens the book in the very best manner possible.

Writing for the younger generation of the mind which are stepping into adulthood is another niche that our book writers pay great attention to. Books that are personal and which that segment of the audience can emote with scale the heights of popularity very easily. The market is that much healthier as also the competition for getting published.

Mono Translation Bureau aims at creating riveting books that the reader will find practically impossible to put down.


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