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According to the approach MONO TRASLATION BUREAU approaches, an absolutely new perspective is used. A memorable tone is used and there are links to different co-related subjects too.  We handle a wide variety of articles which can include features, news stories, instructional articles and profiles as well. Each one has certain particular qualities, but there are some common characteristics too. Ideas are formed and researched and edited, before giving the final touch.

There are certain steps that are followed:

  • After some deliberation, a topic is selected after conducting research on the needs of the audience.
  • It is the needs of the audience that are focussed on.
  • The initial draft is honed, sharpened and made specific.
  1. Before submitting to the client, it is re-scanned and repeatedly revised.

After listing possible topics, there are more than one brain storming sessions. The topic is narrowed down so that it remains brief and clear at the same time. We ensure it becoming a forceful article because of the focus on a specific subject. Keeping the client in mind there are some specific questions that are asked:

  • What is it that the client wants to know about the subject?
  • What are the interesting factors?
  • In general, what is it that is most overlooked?

A preliminary search is taken to be very important. Some keywords are entered into an online search machine — and the result is different sources and approaches to the subject. Books are consulted, libraries are visited  as well as published articles. It is our objective to locate an unique angle and then narrow it down to something even more specific. The conversation that is going on should be added to and not merely walk alongside. Just suppose the topic in question is organic food. It would be a very good idea to focus on the grocery shopper who does not understand what organic food labelling is all about.

Research based facts are presented in the article and the point of view is argued from every angle. The subject is made as interesting as possible so that the reader wants to continue reading. Mono Translation Bureau ensures that the topic fits into one single article. Whatever instructions are given and presented in a friendly manner. Another matter of concern is how known the topic is – in this instance the less is better. A worthwhile topic is chosen and one that will definitely enthuse the reader. Disinterest is avoided like the plague because that is what drives away the potential client.

The main focal point of the article is filled with arguments that emphasize the point. Mono Translation Bureau ensure that the argument is unique and hard hitting. Our points are normally made in one sentence. The sentences are bold and almost immediately attract attention. There is evidence that cannot be refuted. It is not merely online search engines, but data bases that are used. Citations and other good sources are used. There are answers to questions like – how, why, what, who and when? There are quality sources like academic and professional opinions, primary documents and unbiased secondary sources as well.

The specific subject is well researched and crosses the boundaries of the preliminary research. What are the pros and cons, the fundamental issues and expert opinion are all taken into consideration. There is always a search for original and unpublished documents.  A primary source can mean relevant transcriptions, discharge certificates from the military and photos as well. Where a secondary source is concerned, there are bibliographies, desertions and watch documentaries too.

A certain genre of articles are more appropriate for certain topics. To give a few examples:

  1. Editorial: This is normally the opinion of a writer on any particular debate. This is intended to guide the opinion of the reader towards a certain direction.
  2. Profile: This presents a source of information that our writers gather from various interviews or background research.
  3. Feature: An article of this genre is more creative in nature as compared to a straight news article.
  4. News: These consist of fact that have taken place recently or is likely to take place in the near future.

Our articles are passionate about the subject in question. The enthusiasm that we feel is evident in our articles  and are thus of greater interest to our readers. There are reasons in supporting some candidate, visiting a particular restaurant or best way of installing any gadget. What we are extremely particular about is the reliability of our source.


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