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Do You Feel Anger Surging Through You, But Want To Eliminate All Negative Feelings

Let us have a little chat about that familiar sense of rage that runs through your body and you desperately want to control it before any lasting damage is done. That is possible you know. We can quickly run through ANGER MANAGEMENT and discuss how best to throw this negativity out as trash. If left alone anger will not last for a very long time simply because the body chemistry of a person goes through a natural and normal change. The trick is, not to continuously feed our anger by remembering what has caused it. Tell me the truth – in such a situation don’t you have an imaginary conversation in which you mentally thrash your opponent with caustic words and jibes. Just imagine you have a balloon into which you are blowing all your anger, rage and despair. Once nothing more can fit – release it – let it simply vanish from your system.

A large percentage of the time fear for whatever reason is the root cause of anger. It engenders a feeling of helplessness. We try and do a good job of covering up this feeling of insecurity by bursting into fits of anger. Once you recognize that trait in yourself – half the battle is won. You know that get angry when you see blatant hypocrisy and people mouthing what they do not mean. How to control that? It’s very simple – avoid people who make you angry. Instead try and keep in the presence of people who stimulate you, even while disagreeing with you. That, my friend is the name of the game! If you work very hard at exerting control, you will definitely succeed.

Here are some pointers that will get you going in controlling your anger. It will thrill you… as the saying goes – Agree with your opponents, it will drive them mad! Isn’t that what you ultimately want to do?!

Try and avoid an intake of sugar and fat as much as possible. You could also give fasting a shot, if you can handle those pangs of hunger. This acts as a deterrent in fuelling the flames of anger. If there is a feeling of irritability when you are hungry – try and remain passive if people irritate you.

When you feeling like smashing someone, slowly take sips of cool (but not cold) water. This helps your system in slowing down, which in turn releases the anger in you. Gulping down a chilled soda is not a good idea at all. The sugar does nothing but stimulate the agitation and excitement.

Though this solution might not seem all that practicable – partaking of water that you have previously stored in a silver cup – storing lunar energy over a period of day and night is absolutely the best. If this seems impossible – do something — take a sun glazed or clay cup and then follow the same procedure.

Do not drown your sorrows or anger in alcoholic beverages. It acts as the best explosive possible – and heats and dries the body.

If it is affordable wear pearls or take pearl powder in one lunar cycle. Should anger have become a persistent habit – it will gradually do a vanishing act. That is what you ultimately aim at – right?

Lemons and yoghurt are a good aid to anger control. Unlike most sour food, lemons cool down the heat in the body.

Something sweet does help – but in very limited quantity. Ingest it into the body very slowly by letting it melt in the mouth slowly. This is in order to directly affect the taste.

Too much of astringent, pungent, salty or sour food is not advisable at all.

Slowly chewing on green cardamom or even red will turn around the acid bio-chemistry to alkaline and hence greatly assist in reducing anger.

However, care must be taken not to overly cool down the body; as a reverse reaction, the body heat might suddenly shoot up. This is what happens when one takes a really cold shower.

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